Blockbuster: The Redpool


by Love Cosio

One Big Message: Keep Moving Forward

Bible verses for the week: “The lord will fight for you; you need only to BE STILL. Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘why are you crying out to Me?’ Tell the Israelites to MOVE ON.”


1. The shortest way may not be the best way.

2. Trust in God’s “waze”

Two problems in journey to freedom:

1. Detour

a. delays prepare your for your destiny

b. the greater the pullback, the greater the comeback

2. Despair

a.when people are gripped by despair, they’ll choose the predictability of slavery than the uncertainty of freedom.

Three Step Recipe for all Success

1. Pray like crazy

2. Work like crazy

3. Repeat like crazy 


Let God Direct

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Luke 19.1-10


Have you ever thought of the truth na kung minsan “ang tigas ng ulo mo?

And have you ever had that feeling na minsan you dread yourself for caring less sa mga bagay na dapat ginawa mong mahalaga pero binalewala mo lang?

After all these years, I had to come to such realization … “how could I have focused a lot on certain things, yet actually “care less” on more important things?”   I’ve done all the “one-act-play” of making things perfect as I give my best; yet, I came to the point of sacrificing what could have been best for my health. With all the might of sleepless nights, I strive accomplishing more than a lot; only to regret the days that I could not even put a check mark on any task in my “to-do-list.” How could I have been so stubborn justifying on things that I want to get done with the vindication that I am actually doing it for a good cause?

With all these FLAWS, all the while I was a “Jonah” who had a small heart for God’s directions, yet whom God saved afterall!

For all a period of time, how dare me for not really being passionate about what was entrusted to me. I had to go through some dark episodes in my life, not wanting to loose what I did not take care of for the longest time — before I could realize how insensible I was to God’s love and silent messages.

Buti na lang, ang buhay, parang isang pelikula.

There could be some occurences na kahit minsan parang “series of unfortunate events” ang pinagdaanan, pero pwede pa din maging “epic” ang flow that would lead to an impressive ending.


… only if we could be HUMBLE ENOUGH to ALLOW GOD TO DIRECT the story of our life! Bawal “matigas ang ulo” kahit na ikaw pa ang main character ng istorya mo! The way we submit ourselves to our Life Director, while we submit ourselves to God in PRAYER would make a lot of difference which would make our story a BLOCKBUSTER to those whose lives we’ll touch because we chose to empty ourself to God’s love & mercy while we strive to overcome our flaws. #sunset